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Verizon, Knock It Off

First we learned that Verizon pulled a Google search widget and mapping switcharoo in favor of Microsoft’s Bing in a manner that users cannot reverse on the Samsung Fascinate, not easily at least. I shrugged that one off begrudgingly even though I saw it as jab at my darling Google.

But now Big Red is firing out invitations to Android developers, courting them aggressively, to start cranking out apps to submit to Verizon’s V CAST app store which they may turn into a full-blown standalone app store either to compete with the Android market or to replace it altogether, rather than it just being a separate tab on the Android market. They’re having themselves a big developers conference later this month, a real big shindig.

In addition to my own, reactions I’ve been reading to this move is categorically negative and along the lines of “If they lock out the Android market I’m going to T-Mobile.” I don’t get it. I thought Google and Verizon were friends.  🙁

Doug Simmons