It’s 4:48AM and I can’t sleep(skip to the next paragraph to avoid this pointless anecdote).  I’ve been laying in bed for the past hour and a half with no REM sleep in sight.  My body aches like no tomorrow and yet my mind is like, “DUDE!!! You can’t sleep yet!”  I think I might have a serious case of insomnia.  Anyone have a remedy for insomnia that doesn’t include pharmaceuticals?  I’ll seriously try anything at this point.  Anyway, that’s enough digressing.  Being bored out of my mind, I went to see if there was anything interesting floating on the internet.  Lo and behold, there is!

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at a prototype, Verizon branded World phone that will run on both CDMA and GSM networks.  The screen is 4” and they are guessing it’s got a 1.2Ghz processor inside.  If true, it’s very likely that it’s the fabled dual core cpu since Qualcomm doesn’t have any single core 1.2Ghz chips in it’s Snapdragon family at the moment.  This phone is not expected to be released until some time in 2011.  Are you ok?  Maybe some more pictures will ease the pain.

I am personally not a fan of all that wasted space.  They could’ve easily made the keypad bigger or added a 5th row for dedicated number keys.  The screen on this bad boy is smaller than the EVO 4G yet the enclosure is almost the same height.  All that wasted border space seems so ugly to me.  The only physical aspect I like so far is the brushed metal battery cover.



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  1. It looks like the thickness is the same as the EVO 4G; even with the keyboard! If the screen tilts and they put WP7 on it…it would be a day one buy for me.

    • Good observation SED! it does look like it’s about the same thickness as the EVO 4G in the pictures. although the Jack of Clubs could be right and the phone could be tilted slightly due to the opened slider. It’s anyone’s guess at this point

      @The Jack of Clubs, I don’t think people want WP7 on everything, especially given the recent poll we had a good chunk of our readers don’t want a WP7 device. But I think there is a good amount of interest in the kinds of phones that WP7 will off this fall. This is probably due to the fact that we have very little info to go on so far about hardware and speculation is always good fun.

      As for there being a GSM version released before the Dell Streak, that’s beyond unlikely. Consider that this phone is targeted at 2011 and that the Dell Streak is already released and only awaits AT&T approval to start shipping. Also HTC would have to make a stand alone GSM version to ship it to AT&T since there’s no point wasting money on a CDMA chipset no one will use. I suspect you’ll probably see a standalone GSM model 3-6months after the CDMA version is released, assuming it doesn’t flop on Verizon.

  2. i think you are seeing an optical illusion sed. i can pretty much guarantee it will be thicker. and it looks like it will be running android, which is a good thing. dunno why people want wm7 on everything. this may be a nice push to get sense for android in landscape! if they make the keys larger and the design less ugly, release it to att, and before the dell streak, i might just be buying one.

  3. I seriously think were looking at the touch pro3…it’s been a year and a couple of months since the touch pro2 came out and HTC has been know to release the latest Touch Pro within the same month as the Iphone.

    Since the iphone came out there hasn’t been a peep about the Touch Pro3 from the HTC, not even a picture…until now…maybe.

    I have the Touch Pro2 and its a power house but the processor is to small for the phone and really adds lag time to it. I know it has a verizon tag on it but i’m still holding out hope!

  4. I don’t know Flossy. Jamaica, Queens here. I just got my 9900 and its mad fast, sound is cool and I’m not an app guy. Apss are for kids. Been solely a baeckblrry user and all the other apps i want (not need) is on my iPod. Maybe RI worked out the bugs by the time I got mine. I’m also with &, and we don’t seem to have that problem that you’re talking about. Anyway, peace.

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