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New HTC Android Slider For Verizon Clocks In At 1.2Ghz?

It’s 4:48AM and I can’t sleep(skip to the next paragraph to avoid this pointless anecdote).  I’ve been laying in bed for the past hour and a half with no REM sleep in sight.  My body aches like no tomorrow and yet my mind is like, “DUDE!!! You can’t sleep yet!”  I think I might have a serious case of insomnia.  Anyone have a remedy for insomnia that doesn’t include pharmaceuticals?  I’ll seriously try anything at this point.  Anyway, that’s enough digressing.  Being bored out of my mind, I went to see if there was anything interesting floating on the internet.  Lo and behold, there is!

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at a prototype, Verizon branded World phone that will run on both CDMA and GSM networks.  The screen is 4” and they are guessing it’s got a 1.2Ghz processor inside.  If true, it’s very likely that it’s the fabled dual core cpu since Qualcomm doesn’t have any single core 1.2Ghz chips in it’s Snapdragon family at the moment.  This phone is not expected to be released until some time in 2011.  Are you ok?  Maybe some more pictures will ease the pain.

I am personally not a fan of all that wasted space.  They could’ve easily made the keypad bigger or added a 5th row for dedicated number keys.  The screen on this bad boy is smaller than the EVO 4G yet the enclosure is almost the same height.  All that wasted border space seems so ugly to me.  The only physical aspect I like so far is the brushed metal battery cover.



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