Smartphone Medic has released a video of some leaked parts that we are assuming will be on the new iPhone, or iPhone 5 if the stay with the numbering system like they have in the past. They departed from the numbering system on the new iPad, simply calling it an iPad and not the iPad 3, but anything is possible with Apple and the jump to the “5” might help separate it from the 4 and 4S.









So with the leaked parts, Smartphone Medic identify’s from the front panel that Apple has moved the proximity sensor and camera on the new iPhone and swapped positions. Now the camera optic is on top where it was on the left hand side of the speaker on the 4 and 4S.

But the major difference, the difference we have all been hoping for, is the screen. We now get a side by side comparison of what is alleged to be the new iPhone 5’s screen size with that of the 4S and most notably, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Even though I am a huge fan of Apple increasing the screen size, the leaked screen seems a little weird to me. The length of the screen has been greatly increased to 4 inches, but the width has stayed the same. Compared to the 4S, it is a welcomed change, but when looking at it next to the SGS3, I think it becomes apparent that the screen is not wide enough. It looks almost like it was not a confident decision on Apple’s part to increase the screen size. I think it is still an improvement, don’t get me wrong, but watching movies or video on this screen will almost seem a little weird when compared to watching videos on the SGS3 for example that is more proportional in width and length.









The video gores on to show some more internal components and how it is becoming apparent that Apple is moving things around on the outside of the device. It’s no secret or new rumor that the headphone jack will be relocated to the bottom. Something I am not a fan of. I use my iPhone when running and the jack on the bottom will force me to put the device in upside down in my arm holder. You wouldn’t want to reroute the cord from the bottom up.


Check out the video below and drop a comment or two on what you think. Am I happy with the new iPhone? No. Am I going to be in line to get one at launch? Hell yeah and using up every dollar of my Best Buy “buy back” to get it too!



  1. “Am I happy with the new iPhone? No. Am I going to be in line to get one at launch? Hell yeah and using up every dollar of my Best Buy “buy back” to get it too!” It is this blind fanboy following that completely confuses me. YOU HAVE CHOICES!

    • I hardly would call it blind. In fact I have one of each different platforms. I have the iPhone 4S, HTC Titan II, and a Samsung Galaxy S II. My personal choice has always been iPhone for the last couple years since the 4 came out. I like Windows Phone, but hate the Titan II after using it as a daily driver. I think WP8 will be killer on the new Lumia. Will be in line for that taking a bath on selling my Titan II. (For sale anyone want it?) Android is cool, I like the apps, and the tweak-a-bility of it, but it not as polished as the iPhone OS. Fragmentation, don’t even get me started. Anyway, I would not call me blind, I just think the new iPhone misses on a few marks, and my complaints are keeping it real. iOS 6, as I stated many times is a patch. Not releasing a facebook update is irresponsible and adding it to an iOS 6 to make it have more legs to stand on is crap. Fanboy, yep, blind, nope…

      • I disagree that iOS 6 is “a patch”. I’ve been using it since they announced it and when I use an iOS 5 device I’m blown away at how all of the “little” things DRASTICALLY change the overall experience.

        As for the width of the screen, I’ve always thought the iPhone width was great, more vertical space please :)

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