Let’s just get past the fact she’s hot and in pink leather. Everyone take a second and compose yourself. The little mini scooter with AT&T and the iPhone in it is just frggin’ hilarious! I know this is a rip off from the Apple “I’m a Mac” commercials that were just as good if not better, and most importantly original. I guess I am just easily amused, but those two riding off at the end of the commercial was the best part to me! If you got a favorite TV Ad, drop us an email so we can share it with everyone. Enjoy!


  1. Forgive me for not reading your article but man she is hot. I watched the whole 45 minute Schmidt interview at the Web 2.0 thing and saw T-Mobile on the Nexus S. The Nexus One was originally for T-Mobile but eventually an AT&T version emerged, which could happen this time, but I really dig that chick. She’s not over-the-top hot, but not too very-subtle hot either, she’s just right. Catherine Zeta Jones 2.0.

    T-Mobile, if you’re listening, because you’ve been using women and not the same Moby song over and over, I pledge to jump ship from AT&T onto your yacht, for better or worse, the second the Nexus hits. Without the girl, I think I’d otherwise wait it out for an AT&T version.

    Keep it up.

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