imageHere’s a new Windows Phone 7 promotional video from Microsoft that shows off WP7 as a whole and re-emphasizes the ‘less stop and stare’ theme. For those of you following WP7 a lot of this is old news, but as an intro to Windows Phone 7, I’m into it. You?


  1. This video irritates me.The constant sliding is just plain stupid. Stop wasting my time already and show me the features. Advertising is one area Microsoft really should study Apple and imitate. I really believe WP7 is going to be a game changer but this video just makes me get tired of waiting for the half a second transition animation that microsoft is trying to show off.

  2. “Less searching, more finding”, “Less doing, more done”, “Less stop and stare, more glance and go”

    I really like it!

    But I don’t think it’ll be aired like that (3 mins clip). It looks more like mini-ads compiled into one long video.

  3. This isn’t an advert is a video loop to be shown in stores on their in-store screens it is not designed for general purpose advertising like on the web or outside a retail space, that’s why it doesn’t seem paced for an advert is it will play over and over again in-store.

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