Thank you 修改記錄 for your impressive work in developing and releasing a one-click rooter for the Nexus One and a dozen other phones dubbed Universal Androod, all in one side-loadable APK. I managed to do it the old fashioned way but it was a bitch but because of what you’re handing out you’re already saving what is at least a good handful of people a good few frustrating hours each of struggling to root this phone, all in one happy apk which the rest of you may scoop up either 修改記錄 if you’re Chinese is decent or on ctbear’s XDA thread from which you can see which other devices are supported, high five each other in English and ask and answer questions without using Google Translate.

Lastly thank you Quentyn Kennemer from phandroid for making this show up on my Google Reader setup without which the one or two Android readers on our blog would have remained in the dark on this.

I mean after all, as they say, 真的嗎?你去谷歌有這個翻譯?很抱歉讓你們失望。.

Doug Simmons

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Biographical info.. hmm. I have a history of not being able to strike the balance between what is "safe" to put into these forms and what is, in my mind at least, funny. Can't do it.