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Cellmageddon (How mobiles will end us!)

On one of my daily romps through the wild expanses of the Internet, I was looking for a correlation between the whole Net Neutrality debacle and the new generation of superfast data chugging LTE cell phones and how one could effect the other.  Instead of articles with opposing sides giving their views, I walked smackdab into a wall of crazy, got knocked down on a sidewalk of loony, and some drunk came by and threw up a huge puddle of WTF all over my face.

It doesn’t say it in the title, but the reason that all these telecom companies are spreading wireless communications is to collapse the Earths magnetic field… yes.  Read it.  The article starts off talking about “Net Neutrality conspiracy nuts” and then goes off on a tangent so fundamentally insane my mind refuses to remember anything my eyes just read, because it is brain poison.

Get ’em, Gibbs.

It's not always murder.
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