apple-iphone-event-logo-2011If you were not invited or do not live near California to attend iPhone event at Apple tomorrow, you are going to be with the rest of us waiting for the details to get live blogged from a variety of other websites. 9 to 5 Mac has gotten a response back from Apple confirming that there will be no live feed this year. Perhaps they are just wanting to take some of the pressure of Tim Cook who will handle the iPhone announcement in place of ailing Steve Jobs who recently resigned as CEO to concentrate on his health.

Stay tuned as we all wait for news on Appleā€™s latest iPhone offering.



  1. You mean your so cheap(frugal), you won’t fire up the private Mobility Digest jet?
    Fly out and grab that front row seat which has your name emblazoned in gold on the back just for you Doug.
    I am very disappointed that you didn’t tell Mr. Cook to reserve a speaking spot just for you Doug.,your resent commentary on the Ipillow just blew my mind.


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