notmoI’m filing this under rumor for now but a Wall Street Journal article states “Microsoft will receive the marketing support of AT&T, which will be the initial exclusive U.S. carrier to sell the Windows Phone 7 smartphones.” The article itself is otherwise fluff and doesn’t cite any sources for the news so I’m hoping that MS didn’t screw this up too. Really guys, I’ve gotten past the CDMA thing but now this? How much more do you want to limit your chances of a successful launch? Let’s see how long the ‘exclusivity’ lasts for…

InfoSync via WMExperts


  1. if true I’m officially pissed! It makes me wonder if ATT has a nice deal with Microsoft. Even then I’m pissed because i want Microsoft to succeed big time.

  2. If true, then it’s probably a one month deal, or less.

    I don’t think that will be harmful.

    Actually, by giving such a short term exclusive deal, I think that WP7 will not suffer from exclusivity limitations, while it will drive at&t to advertise WP7 very hard at launch.

  3. sorry but wasnt the most popular phone in american history sold exclusively from AT&T?

  4. yeah and they’re stills elling it so it’s a hard place to compete…and WP7 is a platform with multiple devices so it always seemed itnended to be on all carriers. In the UK it’s everywhere. And AT&T is hated by a lot of people so it’s hard to get people to switch just for WP7…it’s taken a few generation to get them to switch for an iPhone and those people are still hoping VZ gets it so they can leave.

  5. It’s a rumor…I think MS should put our press release though. And probably will…

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