So it looks like those rumors about March 7th being the release date for the NoDo update may have had some validity. Just check out this response from Microsoft on their forums:

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s French windows phone blog stated:

We are delighted to share with you that this update will be available for the second half of March via your Zune software. A notification will be thrust on all of the Windows Phone 7, allowing you to perform the update in the best conditions.

And just to cover all bases, Mary Jo Foley has asked around and she is told that the current target date is March 21, but of course, Microsoft hasn’t said anything on the record about the date or the cause for the delay. And we wait…

via MobileTechWorld ZDNet @adamUCF


  1. Wonder if that poor guy broke a policy by actually communicating to a customer something tangible… At least MS is still on target for “early 2011” as long as you define early as sometime in the first 1/2 of the year. I’m really hoping that once they get past this hurdle they can really start delivering updates in a more timely manner. I understand that they don’t want to push updates that won’t work or will force hard-resets of the phone. I just wish they’d communicate. Yeah, people would be upset, but a lot less so than the utter lack of communication at all.

    I was hoping for the first update, not so much for Copy/Paste as I didn’t use it often before and won’t likely use it much now, but because it would mean that more updates and bugfixes could start flowing. I can only imagine that with “Mango” being demo’d they’re a lot closer to releasing some other things before that. I’d love to see all of the API’s opened to the Devs so they can do some great stuff. I’d love to see the camera “feature” of not letting users change the default settings be fixed (as in make it behave the way the users want). I’d really love real task switching, not just the back button. There are times I need to go forward and not completely start over.

    Anyway, at least we have a tangible “yeah, it’s not shipping yet and we don’t know when” answer. I’d prefer that over all of the guesses we’ve had so far – right after release, early 2011 w/ strong hint of January, week of March 7, now …?

    Also looking for the ability to do a true backup of my Focus. I’d love to swap out my current MicroSD for the more stable Samsung 16GB card out there, but really don’t want to have to hard-reset if I have a choice.

  2. If you really have to have an upgrade for WP7.Try going down to your local hardware store, buy some string and a couple of tin cans. String them together and there you have it.
    Just think of all the options you would have, different colored string, different sized cans, cans from different manufactures, natural strings, synthetic strings. Hell you can even use cans from different countries to give yourself an accent.

  3. Bryan B you get no arguments here. I am at my limits with this MS bullshit. Send out a damn update already. Cause if I go the hardware store route, all I’m getting is a hammer to smash this thing (I love WP7, that’s why I am a fanboy, but MS’s execution is f’ing it all up)

  4. @theenforcer000:

    Why do you want pre NoDo? It doesn’t nothing to the functionality of the phone. It’s supposed to make the NoDo update smoother.

    And as much as I want MS to succeed and get my update (even though I rarely find a time that I need C/P), it’s not all MS’s fault. The majority of the issues where with Samsung hardware, which in turn cause carriers to freeze the updates. Which that update doesn’t even matter when you get it because all updates are cumulative so the pre NoDo will be included with NoDo.

    I do wish MS would have communicated the issues so we know what’s going on. That way the impatient/I want it now crowd can shut up already!

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