Black, Orange, Blue, Green and Silver – none of these 5 vibrant colors for Nokia N8 fits your taste? How about Pink? Nokia has released N8 in a new sixth color, Pink. And If this color doesn’t attract you, it’s probably because Nokia has released this Pink N8 to attract female customers and we must say, it does look pretty.

It’s not just the color that is different from other N8s but the Pink N8 comes pre-installed with Symbian Anna, the latest Symbian OS. Other than that, the hardware is as amazing as other N8s. A 12-megapixel camera, HD video recording, superb 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen and built-in HDMI-out port.

“Following the fantastic response to the range of colors we launched for the Nokia N8, it seemed a natural step to extend this choice,” said Rachael Bell, senior designer at Nokia. “The Nokia N8 in pink complements the original line up well with its expressive, intense hue.”

Just in case you love pink color too much, there’s a Little Pink Diva Theme to make the phone’s menus pink as well and a Pink Neon Clock.


  1. anyone bitching about “behind the curve” hardware for WP7 should take a good look at nokias lineup because alot of phones they offer are loaded with high end hardware… i think its exactly what both of them needed, noone likes nokias software and noone seems to be happy with the hardware that OEMS have been producing for WP7… sounds win win to me

  2. Thank goodness it isn’t a light pink. That color’s not too bad.
    But then, I don’t care for colored phones. Black is awesome.

  3. hey plz help da pink n8 is using anna when will da other colours get anna india when will da other colours be in market

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