I thought you guys might be interested in this, it’s a review of the WP7 phone from Nokia for T-Mobile, the Lumina 710. TechSpot is doing the review and they ended up giving it a 75 overall citing a few small issues with it like ‘cheap feel’ being one of them.



“The Lumia 710 represents Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone in the U.S., despite the fact that the higher-end Lumia 800 model has been available in other parts of the world for some time already. It shares a number of features with its higher-priced brother (mostly under the skin), but its low-cost roots can be quite evident in crucial areas like the phone’s display and build quality.
Thanks to a fast processor and Windows Phone’s attractive and snappy interface, the Lumia 710 is no slouch when you use it, and the phone benefits from solid call quality, decent battery life, and a usable camera. Read on to see whether the Lumia 710 can make a splash in the crowded U.S. smartphone market, or if it just another forgettable, entry-level device.”


Link to full review: http://www.techspot.com/review/489-nokia-lumia-710/


  1. Played with one last week. Interface was definitely slower than my original Focus. Much smaller phone. The buttons on the bottom are physical rather than touch–less chance of accidentally activating, but different feel.
    It is free, though, with contract.

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