When renderings are leaked it’s easy to dismiss them since the authenticity will always be a question. But when the company in question files a patent that aligns with the renderings then you’ve got something. Takes a look at these patents that NokiaPort.de revealed.


And now to the leaked renderings


Maybe a little overlay action will help:


Yeah the angle of the phone on the right is different (it tilts forward versus back) but you get the picture – it’s a match

My favorite part is the lack of a bezel. Look at the leaked photos and the renders and you’ll notice how thin the bezel is and how awesome the Nokia 1000 is (ok I made up the name but I’m sticking with it). What do you think of the renders and the patent?

via LiveSide.net


  1. Remember that Elop did say phones would come out regularly. I think every 6 months we’ll see refreshes of lines and thats good. Just enough time to fully establish phones in the market and enough time to have buyers not feel like their phones have EOL’d already.

    Case in point, i’m buying the Lumia 900 but feel confident that Nokia will have a flagship phone to combat the new iPhone that will be released this year.

  2. And I thought they couldn’t possibly come up with something more beautiful than the Lumia 800/900. Well, I guess they have another killer phone!!

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