Today is a good day – well for apps to get loaded in Marketplace…not for my wallet. New York Subway hit and it’s a subway guide with Bing that gives you the best route, nearest subway and a trip planner for NYC. It’s already available on the iPhone so you can expect it to be comparable.  The Hundred Pushup app is a WP7 version of the Hundred Pushup website that guides you to be able to do 100 pushups. And finally there’s the game Decimation X2 which is the #1 Xbox Live Indie Game in Japan. It’s a crazy arcade alien invasion game that’s retro in style but with pixels flying everywhere ein the best of ways. Each of these is just $.99.


  1. 100 pushups refuses to install for me, something about invalid license, I even paid for it without trying it out. :(

  2. Thanks, it was a weird error so I deleted it and power cycled the phone and for the same error the second time around.

  3. Hey all, I’m the developer of 100 Pushups. There seems to be an issue at Microsofts end with some apps (not quite sure what and they’re not talking). Anyway, I’m glad to tell you that if you re-download the app, it is working now.

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