With the Olympics starting tomorrow I just wanted to remind you that last month we posted about an official Olympics app for WM. Now may be the right time to install it:) The official download can be found from Samsung here (you need to go to ‘download’ at the bottom of the page and navigate through).The app is available in WVGA and WQVGA as well as QVGA for non-touch screen devices.  If you don’t have a matching resolution (like VGA/Fuze) you can run the WVGA version but the bottom will be cut off.



  1. This seems to be a pretty good app and is also working well on my Tilt2. But isn’t there also an AT&T app for the Winter Olympics?

  2. i believe that the ATT app is only for iphones and ipod touch’s and its available through itunes only. i did download this app to my fuze and even though the nav is cut off on the bottom its a very nice app, super quick which makes it easy to close out and reopen the app so i can somewhat navigate it on my fuze.

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