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HTC 2150 mAh Extended Battery

Virtually since the minute I got my new Tilt2 I have used the HTC 2150 mAh extended battery, which provides 43% more lasting power than the stock 1,500 mAh battery. I had used an extended battery on my Fuze the past year and have come to depend on the added capacity. While it does add some bulk to the phone, depth (thickness) has never really been a big issue for me, at least not as much as length and width. With a physical keyboard I already know that my phone will be a bit thicker than most others.

I got my Extended Battery from WM Experts ($49.95) which offers both the battery and replacement back cover for $65.00. The battery itself is about .150″ thicker than stock, .350″ vs. .200″ and weighs about a half ounce (1.5 oz. vs. 1.0 oz.) more. With the battery and extended cover installed the Tilt2 measures .850″ thick vs. .700″ for the stock phone. Overall weight increases to about 6.7 oz. compared to 6.0 oz. for stock. The extended back cover has a depression to accommodate the camera, speaker and mute button, so all the normal functionality is still there. As this battery and extended cover are both manufactured by HTC there are no issues with compatibility or fit. The back of the stock Tilt2 is already a little slippery so the extended cover doesn’t make things any worse. Actually the extended cover feels more comfortable in my hand.

While certainly possible, its pretty hard to wear this battery down over the course of a day. I put my phone on charge every night and it is typically between 45 and 60% when it gets plugged in. That’s usually at the end of a 17+ day, along with 3 or 4 hours of uptime (screen on activity). I have had some days with as much as 8 hours uptime and it just keeps, going, and going and going….. On days I do drain down to 30% or less (too much YouTube or TV watching) I am thankful that I didn’t have to tether my device to a charger or switch out the battery for a backup. So, even though I don’t need the extra power ever day, I like knowing it’s there. And should I really want to slim down for a special event, it only takes a couple minutes to switch battery/cover, but that’s not very often. There is so much you can do with this phone, why not have the power available to do it.

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