imageI read the reviews and tried to see why this is revolutionary. Not getting it yet. But every blog headline is telling me this is the best ever. I see conversation mode in emails. And some swiping:

The way Mailbox does this is by allowing you to swipe along any email to immediately get it out of your inbox. Swipe half-way right to archive an email. Swipe all-the-way right to delete it. Swipe half-way left to get back to an email later. Swipe all the way left to file it in a folder. Tap it to open it.
Ok so I can ‘get it out’ of my inbox (archive is really just marking it as read), delete it, or file it away. The only new thing is to set up a reminder to deal with it later. Yeah I occasionally do that already (just drag an email in Outlook to the calendar) but I don’t have an Inbox of zero because I’ve archived, deleted and deferred things… And it intentionally has limited options (that’s a plus apparently).

Someone make it make sense to me and tell me. I’m missing what the web is declaring a revolution.


  1. Its a gesture based is the new buzz word in tech right now. I don’t own an iPhone so can’t test it out to see how it improves the experience. Time will tell how well it is received.

  2. I think they deal with an incredibly more amount of email then a typical person. I didn’t get it either when they claimed Gmail is superior on iOS than the default app. I came to the conclusion they have to use it way differently than me. I get maybe a total of 30 emails across all accounts in a day and that isn’t too difficult to manage. I believe some of them get hundreds a day. Geez why can’t someone make a google email client as nice at iOS default? All I want is a nicely rendered zoomed out version of html email. One that I don’t have to swipe around to see everything.

    • Across two email accounts I probably hit an average 200 emails a day. That’s life. I deal with it. There’s read and unread emails…if you can’t keep up with whatever are you daily requirements for emails then you’re not doing it right. So I may be closer to them but I don’t need a new way to deal with emails (which I don’t see too new except for he time delay on reminding me to deal with emails I’m ignoring). I just don’t get what they’re all excited for…

  3. Hey, I thought the App Store already had all the best apps. Maybe if iFans wait long enough they will get an email app as good as the resident WP mail application. Just sayin.

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