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iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist Causing Social Media Panic

iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist Causing Social Media Panic I keep seeing across social media people panicking over the new iOS 9 feature called Wi-Fi Assist. Previously when you were using on your iOS device and Wi-Fi crapped out you were left in the middle of your Clash of Clans attack with the round spinning wheel of death and the always enjoyable Wi-Fi signal flashing at you. Might as well log off and log back on and see if you actually got 50% or not and dumped 30 trophies! So what Apple intended Wi-Fi Assist to do is seamlessly migrate your connection from Wi-Fi to Cellular Data when signal strength deteriorates or stops altogether.


The complaint is that it is rolling off Wi-Fi and staying on Cellular Data and causing massive data charges to customers. In my case I have Comcast Internet and my xFinity tower continually gives me problems and drops connections. So everyone streaming YouTube or endlessly Snapchatting has seen some Cellular data consumption increases. The good news is you can easily turn it off:

Step 1: Open the Settings.

Step 2: Tap Cellular or Mobile Data.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and switch WiFi Assist to On or Off as you desire.

Pretty easy really and you can even select which apps can use Cellular data. In my Case Clash of Clans is turned on and heavily monitored. LOL

I don’t think it is quite the conspiracy everyone on social media is indicating and I find it pretty useful as well. Just got to keep your eye on your data consumption.