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OtterBox to reveal the best Defender Case yet for iPad 3

You have two options when you buy an iPad. You can protect it with an OtterBox or you won’t. However, there are two of my friends that received Apple iPad 2s for Christmas and one of them heeded my advice and got an OtterBox Defender, and the other one didn’t. Yeah, you know there this is going right? During the holidays I am asked repeatedly what devices should friends and family buy each other and where the devices sometimes change, the cases does not. So it happened that a mother of a small little boy was getting an iPad 2 for Christmas and suggest the Wifi only version with just 16mb. Really, that was all he needed, which justified me heavily suggesting them get an OtterBox Defender Series Cases for it. The second was the wife of a good friend of mine. As it happens, the 6 year old boy left the OtterBox Defender encased iPad 3 on the trunk of the car for some reason and it wasn’t until they pulled out of the drive way to their horror did they realize their mistake. The iPad 2 did in fact fall off the car and landed hard on the cement. Upon retrieving the device there was nothing wrong with the iPad 2 and the boy is still using it today, fully ensconced in the OtterBox Defender. My friends wife fell asleep with her unprotected iPad 2 on here bed and when she awoke the next morning “Manheim” had visited her during the night.  It fell to the floor and dented the upper corner and cracked 75% of the screen. Good thing for Best Buy’s Black Tie program because she got swapped out on the spot, and instead of spending $109 dollars to renew her Black Tie agreement, she bought a Defender Case.

You can see my review of the OtterBox Defender for the iPad 2 HERE and then check out my exclusive review of the OtterBox Reflex Series Case for the iPad 2 HERE. Both solutions are outstanding which makes me wonder what is next from OtterBox? We know that they swapped formulas on the handheld devices in favor a stronger rubber compound for their silicone outer sleeve. Instead of being very weak and bendable, it is much stronger and rigid. This will increase the life span of the silicone outer sleeve for people that remove the case frequently for use on an iHome or speaker dock. so what can we expect from OtterBox? According to Will Robinson, OtterBox’s Portfolio Manager, OtterBox will launch the “best Defender Series Case yet” for your iPad 3. And I am inclined to believe him based on their track record. My hope that it is some of the feedback I mention in the reviews above on the iPad 2 making it easier to install like the Reflex Series Case, which is my current choice for the iPad 2. Whatever the new case will incorporate into it’s already awesomeness, we can rest assured it will not keep us waiting like we had to on the iPad 2. Will says that when the iPad 3 is announced, head on over to OtterBox and they will have details and hopefully availability of the new Defender Series Case. It clearly suggests that they have the iPad 3 already and are well under way or have completed designing the next Defender Case for the iPad 3. So bring on the iPad 3 already Apple, you are keeping OtterBox waiting after all.

[via GottaBeMobile]

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