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Waze for IOS gets updated but do you still use it?

Since the time of troubles for Apple when they dropped the ball on their own maps app and launched the iPhone 5, I was forced to use other Map/GPS software in place of Google Maps. Apple attempting to stick it to Google lost big on that and even forced Tim Cook to apologize for the lack luster app.

So I used several different replacement apps like Bing and they were good. Not as good as Google but good. I eventually found my way to Waze and was pretty impressed with it. So much so that I even signed up for a Foursquare account to get the full affect of the social mapping app. I’ll have to admit that the app did and performed exactly as they said it would. The GPS functionality was very good I thought and the voice commends were also spot on. The UI and visual appeal of the app were also very nice. I enjoyed spotting police and making reports to other Waze users to be careful and got thanked by some. The only problem I had with Waze is that some of the functionality was locked until you reached certain reward levels based on using the app and that while driving it was unsafe and hard to report events.

Today Waze dropped an update with some cool new features and performance improvements when I realized that I had not used it since I downloaded the new Google Maps App from the App Store. For those of you new to the iPhone Apple had previously sold the Google App already loaded on the iPhone which was located by default as an icon towards the top of your main page.

If you used Waze or even a replacement app during the dark times when we had to use something else have you found that these have been stuck in folders like mine are because of no use? Waze is pretty cool and I am committed to trying to use it more as I hate putting all my eggs in one Google Basket, but its pretty hard to do.

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