It’s amazing what we have in the smartphones. We have almost every sensor we’ve ever come up with. I recently got a scale, it measures air quality, and it uploads it to the Internet. I’m sure those things will end up in your smartphone. That’s amazing.

Technology should do the hard work so that people can get with doing the things that make them happiest in life.

The opportunities we have are tremendous. I think we’re all here because we share a deep sense of optimism about the potential of technology to improve people’s lives, and the world.¬†Everyday I come to work, the list of things that needs to be done is longer than the day before. And the opportunity of those things is bigger than it was before. Because of that I think we as Google, and as an industry – all of you – we’re really only at one percent of what is possible. Probably even less than that.

Despite the faster change we have in the industry, we’re still moving slow relative to the opportunities that we have. And some of that I think is due to the negativity. In every story I read about Google, it’s us versus some other company, some stupid thing, and I just don’t find that very interesting.

We should be building great things that don’t exist.

Larry Page, Google I/O 2013 (video)


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