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Tale of the Tech: BlackBerry 10’s Time Shift vs Nokia’s Smart Group Shot


In case you forgot today was BlackBerry’s big official launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform and the first two hardware devices, the Z10 & Q10. I wanted to take a look at one of the features BlackBerry has been touting for the consumer-the Time Shift camera tech to help photo enthusiasts capture the best photos of their subject. Pitting it up against Nokia’s Smart Group Shot which is based on the same tech. It is worth noting that Nokia released their version last fall after they acquired the tech from Escada Labs.


BlackBerry Time Shift Mode

Pinpoint and adjust elements of your picture to get the photo you want. Time Shift mode captures milliseconds before and after your photo—so you can scroll back on the dial to open one friend’s eyes and then forward to catch your other friend smiling, before combining it all to create the perfect picture.

Nokia Smart Group Shot

Smart Group Shot makes it easy to capture great group shots with just one attempt. Five images are captured in quick succession with a single press of the camera button. Advanced algorithms then detect the faces, and the ‘best’ face for each person is automatically selected and the images combined into a single ‘best’ shot. You can select an alternative face for each detected face, which is useful if, for example, you’d like to have everyone looking at each other.

Video Demos of Each In Action


Though each platform takes a slightly altered approach the tech powering the features are the same. Seeing as how Nokia has had the feature out in the market and the Time Shift Mode doesn’t deliver anything the Smart Group Shot feature does it takes away any “WOW” factor BlackBerry was probably counting on to push phones in the store.