raditaz-1I got some more free stuff for iPhone and iPad owners and this time it is music. Not many iPhone owners I know have not downloaded Pandora. Pandora is a free music playing app that gives you access to a lot of music for free, but makes you listen to them in categories. You can make your own stations or listen to their preselected stations. My problem is that Pandora got a little crazy with the ads, especially during the weekends, so I jumped ship and went to Slacker. But there is a new kid on the block called Raditaz that is claiming to have 19 million songs in its database that is 15x more than Pandora! That’s a lot of music. Raditaz has no advertisements, and you can “Discover music using tags, trending and our mapping feature”. There are no limits on listening or the number of custom stations you can create. Raditaz already has 200 “professionally” curated stations premade for your listening pleasure.

App Features and Options //
– Sleep Timer (up to 30 minutes)
– Pause on Background (Press Home, music will Pause and App will freeze normally)
– Resume on Foreground or Login
– Last.fm Scrobbling: Now Playing and Tracks Played
– stream Higher quality on WiFi
– configurable Music Cache to help save your data plan
– Disable Screen Lock (for Driving)

Raditaz is available on the iPhone/iPad as well as Android. Download them here:

Apple iTunes or Android Market


  1. I have used most of the music apps out there and the newest changes to Raditaz make it my favorite. by far!!
    There are some great improvements including a new music selection software provided by Echo Nest. This allows you to make your own stations with up to five different artists or songs. Then there is a slide bar that allows you to tailor what you are going to hear based on your personal tastes. The preview button allows you to see what songs you are going to hear based on those choices and the ability to adjust it in the slide bar….I am hearing amazing new music and making new stations based on my discoveries. That and the 14 million songs make Raditaz a real bargin…no ads. Try the “Explore” button and see what people are listening to in your area or anywhere in the US. I checked out Austin, Nashville and New Orleans and you can see all of the stations being played a great feature

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