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Wondering how to test your iPad’s temperature alarm?

ipad-temperature-warning-testGadget junkies are curious creatures and we seldom miss a chance to test our devices in the most unusual of circumstances. Take for instance the burning desire to see just how hot an iPad 2 needs to be to kick on the temperature warning alert that is built into it. So to test it, you need to get it hot right? What’s a better way to test the iPad for heat than with…say Lava? That’s right Lava, it’s hot, it’s a flowing geological horror story, perfect setting to test an iPad.

So that is just what the ZooGue Dude in the following video set out to do and the result is a YouTube video that is not for the weak of heart. Gadget junkies like me curse these experiments and tend to look the other way  in a shock and horror at the waste of a perfectly good iPad. However, certain factions might enjoy seeing the demise of an Apple product to which to each their own I suppose.

Check out the following video for extreme testing of the iPad’s temperature  warning system.


[via gottabemobile]