OK I’m not the boy who cried wolf. I just tested it on my HD2 and Twitter is finally back and working within the Sense tab. Just input your info, re-enable the tab and it’s alive.

via WMExperts


  1. I can confirm Twitter tab working on my HD2. I did really miss itz convenience as a tabbed app, however I will miss the functionality of “MoTweets” especially the Retweet function which htc peep cant compare with.

  2. Working just fine on my Fuze (Energy ROM). I didn’t have to do anything but re-enable the Twitter tab.

    Thanks for the heads-up, David K!

  3. Yeah, I checked it last night, and it was down, and then when I got up, it was there. I didn’t have to log out, and back in…

  4. Impressive. thanks guys. a month ago i was getting the account blocd msg, then i could not even login. kept telling me invalid login. but i followed what u said by loging on using opera mobile and then sign out, then entered my login credentiaals on peep, worked like magic. my feed is still not updated but at least i don t get any error msgs. thanks!

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