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Kinoma Feature Focus: Twitter

You can use Kinoma Play to update your status and ride the tweetsteam. But because Kinoma Play’s Twitter app is so beautifully integrated with your favorite way to enjoy media, you can do so much more!

  • Easily tweet about the music, videos and podcasts you love
  • Photo-blog your day with built-in TwitPic support
  • Use built-in social search to see what the world’s saying about breaking news…and you!
  • Follow FuzeMobility from your Mobile Device!

Share music and podcasts

The track you’re listening to is so great you just have to share. We understand. Just open the menu pod and choose Media > Send > Twitter.

Share photos with TwitPic

They say “the best camera is the one you have with you”, and more often than not that’s your phone. Now you can share the photos that tell the story of your life as easily as choosing Media > Send > TwitPic.

Thanks to Kinoma Play’s amazing cross-social sharing abilities, this works no matter where the photo happens to be. You can just as easily share a photo from Flickr as you can a photo on your phone.


Touch the magnifying glass icon (or use your 5-way) to go to the Search panel, where you can:

  • Search for anything
  • Drink the whole world’s tweetstream with the Public Timeline
  • Track the trending topics that are hot right now


This is like your Twitter home page, but optimized for mobile. Here you can:

  • See tweets from everybody you’re following
  • Choose What are you doing? to tweet yourself

You can choose your text size with the Twitter menu. Note the live character count, which helps you stay within Twitter’s 140-character limit.


The Updates panel shows you your tweet history.


The Profile panel is a handy summary, and includes a surprising amount of functionality. Here you can:

  • See all the tweets that reference you
  • Read your direct messages and favorite tweets
  • Send direct messages to anybody you’re following, and anybody that’s following you
  • Get the name, location and bio for anybody you’re following
  • Get the name, location and bio for anybody that’s following you
  • Log out, which is handy if you use multiple Twitter profiles

As you can see, Kinoma Play’s Twitter support is amazingly complete. Try it out, and we think you’ll agree that Kinoma Play is the best way to Twitter on mobile.

Get Kinoma HERE: