It was April 18, 2011 when Microsoft released the Photosynth app for iOS. At the time we heard that the lack of support for Windows Phones was related to lack of low level support (which was nonsense) and should have been resolved with Mango in any event. Regardless, we have no new news. No noise at all. Just silence as Microsoft continues to not push itself to support its own platform while trying to recruit third parties to write software for them.

Ever hear of leading by example?

I actually barely care about the app itself, but I do care about what it represents and also how it continues to show that Microsoft can innovate and then drag its feet until their innovations are no longer significant.


  1. Yup, they also don’t answer to any mentions on twitter. Really sad to see this. Only explanation I would accept is if it’s built into Windows Phone 8.

  2. It’s a really sad reflection, especially to those of us windows phone users who have had to endure the constant attacks as to why WP7 is such a “bad OS” and has no future, and here is the mother ship not providing any ammunition to help us to stave off attacks or solidify our position as to why we like this OS so much….such as these apps.

    Not to get away from the subject, but another peeve of mine is the fact that when you get to the landing page of the front and center smartphone they have is the iPhone, with a Windows Phone marginalized in the background with what I believe is an Android phone. With all the Windows Phones out there, especially with the new offerings such as the Lumia 900 and Titan II…really….an iPhone.

    I know this App works with all these platforms but for Heavens sake, make us feel proud of owning a Windows Phone by showing you pride in your own products Microsoft! EOR (End of Rant)

  3. It only makes panoramas. I’m more interested in REAL photosynths (the things that are actually labeled as “full synths” rather than “panoramas” at

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