Plane Finder is a plane tracking app that’s been pretty popular for the iPhone despite it’s $5 price tag. I don’t get the app, but apparently a lot of people do. In fact, in Great Britain this thing has a solid 4.5stars in iTunes, but the US version lags at 3 stars. Why? It looks like the app tracks planes in real time but it doesn’t follow radar. It uses something called ADS-B which provides even more data than radar but it’s not required to be present on all planes yet so some areas show little coverage. For the planes that are covered, it seems to provide a ton of detail so aviation enthusiasts should get a kick out of this one. It’s the same price for WP7 at $5 and is available now in the Navigation category. 

You can check the developers website for more information.


  1. Thank you very much. :) The rest of the guys on the team have some suggestions to tweak it. David doesn’t like the icon in the middle, Danny doesn’t like same color logos on the same color panels of the Windows Mobile flag. I kinda like it the way it is, but I will mess with it a little more tomorrow.

  2. I wish you could come up with a square-like thing made up of four squarish things other than the Windows logo. Instead you’ve got a Windows logo on a Windows logo. Then you got the Windows phone logo/button leading the way on the far left of the bar.

    Anyway, while this is intriguing, I’d pay $20 for Flightcaster — and I don’t even fly much, just want to test it out to see how accurate it is. Only on Blackberry and iPhone (or visiting the website)…

  3. Excellent app – the first one I’ve paid more than a dollar for. Being a bit of an aviation geek, I LOVE being able to see what the planes are, and where they’re heading. App works great, EXCEPT… it only works over WiFi!?! WTF?

    If I turn off WiFi, I get the messages “Unable to contact server. Please try again later” and “Application needs active internet connection”. Have they never heard of 3G?? What’s the point of a mobile app that can’t use mobile data??

    Now I know why I don’t usually pay money for apps…

  4. I stand corrected. My cellular data connection was failing for unknown reasons, but a reboot fixed it.

    Plane Finder works fine over cellular data, and is an unreservedly great app!

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