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Play A WP7 App Now – Silverlight In Web Leveraged

One of the niceties of WP7 is that it relies on Silverlight. The same Silverlight that we can use on our PC’s and is found in websites. So developer Andy Beaulieu has gone all out. He’s developed a WP7 game called Droppy Pop that you can try now in your browser. The game itself is pretty simple to play. On a phone you’d use the accelerometer to control the left/right tilt (in web you use the arrow keys) and you can grab the balloons using the control key (tapping the screen in WP7) and the simple goal is to go as far as possible without hitting a bomb. There are bonuses that you can get as you go as well. And there’s some nice physics used with the falling doll.

But let’s get back to this idea of making apps available online. It’s a great concept because you can test apps before you buy them this way. As the dev notes:

I develop about 90% of the time in the Silverlight Web project, and then use Linked Files from a Windows Phone 7 project to build a version for WP7. This has a couple of major advantages:

  • It’s faster to compile and run outside of the WP7 emulator
  • You end up with both a Windows and Web version

This method has been working great for me, and there are only a few instances where I need to use compiler directives to use different logic for the two platforms. This is possible because Microsoft did a fantastic job on the port of Silverlight for the Phone!

Inspiring. For more information on the game check out this link. To try the game in your browser hit up this link.