If you have a Windows Phone then at some point you went into the Marketplace, it didn’t load quick enough (or at all) so you left Marketplace and then learned that you now couldn’t go back in until you reset your phone. Looks like the pre NoDo update fixes this issue. One bug down. If I had the update I’d be able to see if any of the other bugs (like the alarm bug) were fixed…if only I had the update…


  1. Besides not being able to get back into the Marketplace until you reset, you also can’t access Music + Videos until after the reset when that happens. At least, I can’t.
    Don’t have the update yet either…

  2. is the rumor true that ATT is blocking the update? i haven’t gotten mine yet on the focus.

  3. @Mike311. I’ve have not heard of anyone on ATT getting an update, so I would say so. I have a Focus, but the Surround didn’t get it either.

  4. I have the HTC Surround and haven’t received the update yet either so yeah I’d say ATT is blocking the update…

  5. Has anyone in the US (or Canada) received the update yet? Realistically speaking…when I surf through the blog roll, I’ve seen polls and threads regarding the pre no-do update, but from what I’ve seen, the people who claim to have it all live in the EU. I have a T-Mobile US Dell Venue Pro. I’ve seen threads about the new Indian version coming with No-Do already but nothing about the US.

  6. I have updated pre NoDo update and my Marketplace still locks up and need to reset to use it again

  7. I’ve never had either of these bugs (marketplace locking or alarms) on my Focus. Because I have my phone set to tether I haven’t sync’d in quite while so I never tried to dowload the update and am glad I didn’t since there were some problems with it. Once I hear it is truly being pushed out and confirmed by users it is working I won’t put it on my phone. I love my Samsung focus and the new OS.

  8. I’m for the UK and it’s a sim free HTC Trophy 7, market place again locked up last night

  9. It was my understanding the 1st update (pre nodo) was a fix so the phones could update to NoDo without any issues. So I would find it really hard to believe that the update would fix the Marketplace hang. And for all us AT&T people, it is being speculated that AT&T is going to roll both updates into 1 because the 1st update doesn’t do anything to the OS!!!

    Have some patience and just be glad they are trying to work the kinks out before they give the goodness to us!

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