Pulse is now available on the web as well. And it’s all finger friendly and web optimized, even Windows 8 optimized specifically. Yet with all of that there’s still no Pulse for Windows Phones. One day…

Anyway, it syncs between all of your other devices. As for Microsoft’s hand:

Thanks to our friends at Microsoft, this web experience is fully optimized for touch. We incorporated multi-touch gestures available in IE10 into Pulse for Web, making it perfect for use within the IE10 browser on Windows 8 tablets. It takes just one swipe to move between articles, a two-finger swipe brings up your reading list, and a simple pinch closes an article to take you back home. To learn more about our partnership with the Internet Explorer team, check out the IE blog and article on the Microsoft News Center.

Here’s what it looks like:


You can check it out at Pulse.me.


  1. There was a pulse app for WP, tried it before and wasnt too good actually. Guess now its been pulled as its no longer in the MP.

  2. Just goes to show though how disjointed and isolated MS’s divisions are, this would have been a great way to promote having a Pulse experience across all MS’s properties including WP, but guess the IE guys are too busy playing on their iphones and ipads…

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