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HTC One Timer Bug

So I ran across a little bug in my HTC One. I love the phone, it works great, I’ve never had an issue with it, never had to restart or anything like that but I found an odd bug recently in the built-in timer. I’ve got kids, and if you have kids then you know timers are important and you need at least one and sometimes more than one depending what’s going on. I like to use the timer on my HTC One as it’s handy of course, it’s right there for me to use whenever I need it. So I found a little bug in the timer but it’s only when the screen turns off that it happens. I have my phone set for 2 minutes o turn off automatically so save battery life as I don’t need it on all the time, who does really right?!

The timer function is access by pressing the clock on the screen and it actually allows you to access the timer, the stopwatch, alarm and world clock. It’s a handy built-in comb app, I guess you would call it.


So press the clock and you can access the timer. My kids do instruments for school, so I use it for 15 minutes for their practice time everyday.

The timer works great until my screen turns off.


When the screen is off the timer will continue to countdown, but when you turn it back on you find the timer is changed a bit, notice the 12 there now in the hour place!


You can easily fix it so the timer is correct again by just swiping or sliding left or right and it will go back to the normal countdown.  If you don’t slide or swipe it seems it will countdown as normal, but not from the 12 hours, just from whatever you set it to. So it might say 12 hours, 14 minutes like above, but it will still countdown from the 14 minutes and not the 12 hours and 14 minutes.


It seems to still countdown correctly with the screen off, it’s just when you turn the screen back on do you get the extra 12 hours added to your timer countdown, but not really.

Odd little bug for sure that just really bothers me…