No, we’re not talkin’ about some Jamaican beer, mon.

The Windows Phone blog just blogged about the Windows Phone Store team’s decision about making a Thursday sale tradition: The Red Stripe Collection.

Every Thursday, a new set of 3 apps and games (‘typically one Xbox game, one indie game, and one top-rated app’) will go on sale for at least 50% off. You’ll recognize that week’s Collection items by a red strip around the app’s icon in the Store.

This week marks the first Collection: Runtastic PRO, Assassin’s Creed:Altairs Chronicles HD, and King Oddball. Each one is on sale for $0.99USD. The Collection sale runs Thursday to Thursday.

I like this idea.

(Note: The blog post says “Stripe” 3 times, and “Strip” once. So I’m going with “Stripe.”)