Nexus S brothers, I came across a couple new radios you might want to flash. First go into About Phone and check which baseband you’ve got, next do some speed tests both with cellular and with wifi, do some signal level tests if you’re inclined, maybe see how fast you can toggle airplane mode, then flash either XXKB1-GRI40 or XXKB3-GRI54 (or one after the other).

I flashed the newest and it was significantly worse, flashed the one behind it and it is looking good. Hang on, 3G speed test. Zoom! Bang, article thumbnail image. Hey T-Mobile, are you sure this puppy isn’t 4G?

Might boost speeds, signal reacquisition and tenacity, might do the opposite and if it does the opposite, here’s XXJK8, the one you probably have right now, which you’ll need to flash back with ADB/fastboot (use ClockworkMod for the other two). MD5 hashes on the XDA thread if you’re paranoid.

Don’t worry non-Nexus S fans of mine who read this anyway, I’ll give you something good on the next one. Just got to lay a sleeper like this down from time to time. Besides, we did get a Nexus S visitor on here from London only fourteen hours ago, looks like he’s rooted too.

Doug Simmons


  1. i guess it raises the question, are you going back to AT&T after or are you going to try your hand at LTE with big red? sprint seems to like android almost as much as you..

  2. Especially with the Google Voice move, Sprint has my attention. Actually the day before this news hit I was on the line with a T-Mobile lady and she said I can port over to Google and they’d wave the ETF for me. This news has me and pretty much every T-Mobile customer sounding off on the Internet rather dismayed, but it’s possible that it could get derailed by the government, so fingers crossed for that. Look at how hard it was just for two radio networks to merge. If it occurs to AT&T to keep the good things about T-Mobile good and just sort of keep their distance, … I don’t know. I’ll “get started” on this another time.

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