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Augmented Reality Comes to Google SketchUp on Android

More CES news of course, that’s pretty much what this week is going to be right? Limitless Computing has just unveiled it’s new app that adds Augmented Reality to Google SketchUp called SightSpace 3D. You can even see it in 3D if your wear a pair of 3D glasses. SightSpace 3D is integrated with the Google 3D Warehouse, opening up limitless possibilities. Educators can show famous buildings to students, furniture shoppers can see how pieces would look in their own homes and new countertops, appliances, and more can be viewed as if they were in one’s own kitchen or bath. It’s kinda cool…


It is available now on the Android Market for $14.99.

SightSpace 3D enables mobile viewing of Google SketchUp designs on Android devices, offering Augmented Reality capabilities, which overlay digital models over existing physical environments. Stereoscopic 3D is available while using Augmented Reality wearing 3D glasses.

"Many Android users have asked us for SightSpace 3D for myriad uses, and they have shown us that the possibilities are endless," commented Dr. Errin T. Weller, president, Limitless Computing Inc. "Plus, the stereoscopic 3D capability brings it all to life in a way that’s never been done."

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