I’ve been carrying my iPhone 4 around since launch day, and I have preferred to carry it ‘nude’ – with no case – but, I think I’ve found at least one case that I can make part of my daily life.  The AGF Vandelay case is just about perfect for day to day usage.  It’s a durable, two piece case that slides onto your iPhone.  The back of the case is red or black leather with micro-pattern dots or carbon fiber weave designs.  The case is designed to snap snugly into the included belt clip in either a screen in or screen out orientation.  I’ve used both the red and the black carbon fiber versions for about two weeks now, and have some solid opinions on the case.

The case neatly covers the phone in the front, being unobtrusive to the phone’s function buttons and allowing for full use of the screen without encroaching on the display area.  The case it self adds a few millimeters in each direction to the overall dimensions of the iPhone though, and makes the otherwise very thin phone feel a bit portly.

The belt clip has an ingenious feature which allows you to lock the clip open, and use the case as a kickstand for the phone.  It works in both portrait and landscape modes.  I found this to be my favorite feature of the case.

All in all, I think this is an excellent feeling and looking case that has a lot of great features and is definitely strong and protective of your precious iPhone.  Would I recommend it?  Absolutely!

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  1. Does this case take care of the reception issue? I’ve been searching for a good case to buy but also want to be able to hold the phone with my left palm touching the left bottom of the phone without calls being dropped. Its the natural way for me to hold the phone and was also the first thing I noticed when making my first call with it.

  2. […] This iPhone 4 case is one of my favorites.  I’ve only used a few others that even come close, and are nearly as easy to recommend.  The look and feel, that added feature of having a ‘kickstand’ with you all the time, and of course, the belt clip and quick release help make it super useful.  I wrote a review of it a while back:  Click to Read it. […]

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