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Could the iOS Jail Break days be over?

Long have we defied Cupertino’s relentless efforts to dictate what we can and cannot do with our iOS devices. Long have we been freed from our bondage to explorer the true power of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Long have we turned to the one who would lead us, Comex. With his JailBreakMe infamy, he is near God status in the iOS hacker world.

Comex set us free.

Those days could be numbered I fear. It was only a few weeks ago that Comex became a real person. Not the mystery (wrapped in an enigma) we all had grown to know. He went public. Came out of the hacker closet. Blew his cover. His name is Nicholas Allegra. He had defied Apple long enough it appeared.

And now, our true fears have come true. Nicholas is heading to Apple in hopes becoming a legit Apple God, For starters as an Intern. No really, I was serious. Comex has just announced via his twitter  account he is heading over Apple. Why has he forsaken us? What could Apple use his “special” talents for? It would be only too obvious that Apple would use Nicholas’s expertise to help nail down exploits that allowed the Jail Break community to flourish.

So is our Jail Breaking days coming to an end? We can only speculate. There is still a very talented group of developers out there with determination to keep Apple honest and allow us to maximize the iPhone to it’s fullest potential.

We lost a good developer. Maybe the best from sources I’ve talked to. I do wish Nicholas good fortune with his new adventure at Apple. I also would like to thank him for his efforts. He has done a lot for the community. That certainly needs to be said. But hey Comex, make sure they leave a crack for Jail Breakers to go forward. We like our iPhones Jail Broken!








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