If you are looking for more information on the AT&T Samsung Captivate which is the latest AT&T Android Device released, then you should have a look at Test Freaks review done by our friend Kristofer Brozio. Here is a little of what he had to say:

Let me start this off by saying that I think it’s about time AT&T has finally gotten a decent Android phone! The Samsung Galaxy S or Captivate is here to save us from the mediocrity that is what AT&T is offering now for Android phones. So yeah, I’ve got the Samsung Galaxy S or Captivate for review today and I love it, I truly do. Sure I miss the hardware keyboard, but with this phone I think I could learn to live without it. I also miss having a flash to take picture, but without it the pictures are fairly decent, even those taken indoors. The Captivate though is what an Android phone should be, it’s fast with its 1Ghz processor and it has a gorgeous 4” screen that looks wonderful for general usage all the way up to movies and gaming. The Captivate truly is a great phone… and I’ve got no issues with GPS either…

To get the full review by Kristofer, just head on over to Test Freaks.


  1. technically, but the x10 for some dumbass reason is running 1.6 or some garbage, wtf sony/ATT, why bring an outdated phone to market?

  2. great phone. easy to use, practical. much better than my old unlocked htc phones. processor is much faster, i love using them. the gps and email are great for my business and my partner loves his for the speaker phone he’s always on that thing. our new unlocked mobile phones have a great web browser, we can check out stocks in less than one click!! my wife and daughter love theirs for the faceboook, games and apps! also got our cell phone unlock codes and blackberry unlock codes for free! got our last couple captivates at unlockthatphone.com 2 thumbs way up

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