Good chance you heard plenty of hype over the course of the past few months hype some big crazy Samsung unveiling in New York City this evening which had revved up a lot of us, some speculating that they’d unleash the first Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone, maybe the Nexus Two, the Galaxy Tab perhaps…

Nope. Instead all they did was present a phone whose specs had leaked a while ago that is much like the other Galaxy phones except it has a smaller screen but it has a second very short screen beneath the softkeys they call the ticker, noting that they were inspired by Times Square and some real time news ticker.

So it’s got that, a 1GHz processor, 8GB chip (thanks), and a 5mp camera. And it doesn’t have the Google package, they did the Bing/Samsung switcharoo again with Verizon. So no Google Maps with Navigation but that’s okay because VZ Navigator gets the job done. They didn’t even put Froyo on it let alone Gingerbread, just Éclair. That’s just wrong. Called the Continuum. Not even worth linking.

Samsung you pissed plenty of people off today – except maybe for the people who attended your event with your open bar and cheasy puffs. Better step your game up. Damnit Samsung.

HTC, your serve.

Doug Simmons


  1. Well I can tell you whose playbook Samsung had not been reading, Apple’s. They know how to produce an unveiling, the kind that does not disappoint, the kind everyone immediately starts writing about during the unveiling (not to mention before and after), unveilings that ignite little hardware scandals that make NBC Nightly News yet the product still outsells everything in the world.

    In Samsung’s defense, Simmons, perhaps they were going to go ahead and whip out a Nexus Two with Gingerbread or whatever, dazzle everyone with a dual core chip and a bunch of ram or whatever, Super-Duper AMOLED, but because of some recently rumored hardware defects they had to put that on ice, leaving almost nothing worth unveiling.

    It must hurt you Simmons — it must, I know you — to see Samsung do the Microsoft/Android move yet again with Verizon. Uninstallable too! Bet that pisses you off like the guy in the drawing, ain’t that right smart mouth.

    Sell outs.

  2. Doug – I think you chose to ignore the big reveal – it was the Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7. Android is so yesterday.

  3. He knows that. He’s just talking trash to get under my skin. Android yesterday, FU.

    So where can I get some sales figures?

  4. Cheap shot. There was a border dispute, Google picked the less popular side of a place up until now people tend not to pull up on any Internet map (and summarily notice a problem to submit to Google). Not like they made a random border at least.

    Besides, no harm no foul.

  5. right at the Chilean border where google just helped kick start a war between 2 third world countries…
    Doug just go share that toothbrush with Schmidt already

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