iPhoneLeak01iLabs has posted a series of photos culminating in a fully assembled iPhone. The parts are supposedly from leaked supply parts. Have a peak and see for yourself. Personally I will be very disappointed if this was the case. Long known for magnificent hardware design this would speak to Apple choosing a proven design instead of innovation. Maybe in the fight to carve out enough space to house a larger battery and LTE radio the outer design didn’t get much attention.


Source: iLab via Engadget


  1. Maybe the underwhelming sense you’ve got regarding the apparently retarding rate of innovation on Apple’s part has nothing to do with a failure to think hard and out of the box enough with enough bright people working cohesive under good leadership etc, rather a result of this company approaching, super battery juice technology notwithstanding, the ideal phone and simply running out of missing things to get to that point. The phone thinks fast enough as is, its screen gets the job done, it’s got the Siri, it’s got the Twitter, they’re gonna untie themselves from Google, cdma and wcdma and hspa+ and now possibly LTE is for all purposes other than hosting a bunch of media-rich websites and marketing down the line are all plenty good for just about everyone, it makes calls, what the hell else is there? Is there not a point at which a masterpiece is basically finished?

    The automobile transmission, with exception to the adoption of continuously variable transmission, has basically peaked, hasn’t it, but too bad that wide adoption of CVT might be overtaken by the adoption of electric cars that don’t need it.

    To use music to try to make this point, my ol’ lady used to sing in this “choral music” choir. What the hell is choral music? A few things in common I gathered from the recitals I couldn’t get out of without costing me too much relationship capital is that I don’t like it, that the composers are alive and that I wish, on Christmas for example, they’d run through Handel if they want to be topical or hell if they have to let loose and go wild do some sort of vocal interpretation of Franz Liszt’s Transcendental Etudes. I’d pay to see that.

    I am suggesting that we have to enough classical perfection, so instead of reinventing that wheel, keep it rolling, break out a piano, bring the whole choir out to do nothing but stand there as one guy sits down and bangs out some Debussy, Schubert, Wagner, Chopin, Mussorgsky, most of which I haven’t yet heard even once yet but know will be good and make me primed to like it more knowing that history has vouched for each note.

    I think that comparison sort of lost complete control, so back to what I was saying, what do you want from Apple? They make a damn good phone. Want an extra half inch on the screen, 1080p playback, a few more megapixels on the camera and some German lens? Maybe they’ll hook that up. Perhaps one reason their gadgets and those of Samsung are overlapping cosmetically is because both companies are discovering /incidentally/ at almost the same pace what the ideal phone is, or looks like to a judge at a cursory glance, absence of infinite battery life technology.

    • Good thoughts Doug. Maybe this is the next evolution as to what Apple views as the best smartphone design possible with current material molding technologies.At least now we know what an iPhone is supposed to look like. I certainly don’t want Apple taking design cues from Nokia, for example.

      To each his own but combined with the lengthiness of the iOS grid UI it still feels more “been there done that” than “Good God Batman.” Again, it probably speaks to the fact that what we are seeing from Apple in the last couple of releases is their definite take on what a smartphone and mobile OS should look like. Clarification is good especially when it comes paired with great functionality.

  2. Well said Doug.
    If this is the new iPhone, I’m ok with the design. I still love the iPhone 4/4S design. I have been in Hawaii for the last 2 weeks and have had a lifeproof case on it. Today I went for a run and took the phone out of the case for the first time since I got it. I forgot just how special this phone feels. If the new design can still exude the quality and solid feel of the 4 or 4S, while improving on battery life, screen size/resolution and etc, I’m all in. Count me a few hundred bills light come this October.

    As for the UI, it’s simple. It’s easy for kids and older people. It’s perfect for one handed operation, and no one on the planet should have an issue with using it. Not even blind people. With the new Siri (yes, I have iOS 6 on my iPad and iPhone), maps, and the unreal amount of improvements from iOS 5 to iOS 6, I don’t think anyone will complain about the OS, and apple always has some kind of trump card to toss at their new hardware. I would guess its NFC tie-ins to passbook and even more unannounced improvements to Siri, and maybe that shiny new 4″ screen will be able to natively handle 1080p or higher resolutions?

    • So does that mean that we’ve reached, as an industry, maturation in hardware and software design? I didn’t think we had but its an interesting notion.

      As someone who designs I know the desire and pleasure of creating from scratch. I also know the satisfaction of producing something so well received that only slight modifications are needed to continue the good reception. Apple very well may be at this point.

      I still predict that this will be Apple’s biggest selling device ever and by a wide margin. The change in screen size and Siri improvements alone will get people lining up for weeks on end. Apple’s ability to market features is unparalleled in this industry because all the rest of the companies have tech heads who lack design perspectives.

  3. You’re surprised? Apple invented the practice of releasing the same exact product every year, with minor tweaks, at a significantly higher price tag. Apple sheep eat it up without hesitation.

    • The price tag actually dropped for the device after the iPhone 2g, and has remained the same since the 3g. Unless your buying out right…. But who does that?

      • The price didn’t drop. Carriers just had to subsidize more. So they raise their data rates to make up the extra cost and everyone gets screwed. Thanks for that.

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