imageA Sprint sales associate has spilled the beans to Tuaw and informed them that they are undergoing iPhone 4 training for sales to begin in October. That’s also when they’re told the 4G iPad will also be available. And with this background, the associates are told that the iPhone 5 is a 2012 launch for Sprint.

Now since they posted this they updated the post to note that Sprint could just be training on the iPhone 4 to not leak details about the iPhone 5 (pretty obvious). But what’s less obvious is that you were duped into reading this. See I literally just told you less than 24 hours ago that these silly iPhone 5 rumor posts are your fault . And then I bait you with some stupid iPhone 5 story that again has absolutely no basis for it and even label this as a rumor in the headline and what do you do? You read it like iSheep. I mean really? Did you really just read this whole thing? Don’t even bother clicking on the ads, just PayPal us some money if you’re going to make it this easy…


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