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It’s Your Fault We Have All These iPhone 5 Rumors

imageEvery day we hear a dozen new (and conflicting) iPhone 5 rumors: the screen size will be 4” or the same; it’s revolutionary or a just a speed bump increment; it’s release date is October __ or it was released yesterday. There’s no end to the degree to which these rumors come and the fact that the same site will post inconsistent rumors just days apart is no accident. The source for these posts are almost always the same – unnamed sources, somewhere in the supply chain but often linked to an analyst. In other words, these sources are anonymous and unknown and the rumors are unsubstantiated.

So why are they so widely reported and talked about? Because it doesn’t matter how ridiculous or inconsistent or incoherent the rumor is – you keep reading them. Each time you click the link and you read it like a lemming. You continue to support these sites twice a day as they revamp their rumor with more rumors about their rumors.

These types of posts lead to a ton of hits. You read them all. I mean seriously, at this point it’s fool me 250 times, shame on me. Yet you keep doing it and the sites that perpetuate these rumors keep collecting off of it and as long as you click those links, expect a lot more to come.

We know almost nothing about the iPhone 5 – not even the name. You get that right? Some portion of these rumors will be true. That’s called a coincidence. Throw enough darts at the board and some hit, right?

Know what? Rant done…