If you are wanting a Windows Phone and you are wanting it for a great price, well, then win one for free! Ryan Seacrest (yeah you know him) is helping Microsoft give away 100 phones in 100 hours.

Windows Phone is giving away 100 Windows Phones in 100 hours…plus your chance to score premium seats to any show you want this summer! Name the show and Windows Phone will get you there!

Be sure you’ve clicked on the LIKE button at the top of this page to enter. 100 lucky winners will be chosen at random!
No purchase necessary. Void in Alaska, Hawaii and where prohibited. Open to legal contiguous US/DC residents (13) thirteen and older. Sweepstakes ends at 11:59pm PT July 3, 2011.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to Ryan Seacrest Productions and not to Facebook

Head on over to the Facebook Page to get registered or CLICK HERE


  1. Did you know that the [long-ass] name of this website appears FIFTEEN FUCKING TIMES on this page (give or take)?

    Does that strike you as barely enough, just right or ridiculously excessive?

    Yay, free phones, stretched out small dose by small dose over a long period of time to maximize attention-catching — like Wikileaks but less treasonous.

    The story here, I think, is that Microsoft is getting busy with WinPho, getting a pop icon people have heard of involved pushing the phones, not how to get to the stupid facebook link. I know you’re trying to do the audience a favor, but I think no one will win a phone as a result of having read this post so strongly that if I turn out to be wrong I’ll give you forty bucks plus an acknowledgement that I feel stupid and should consider writing less arrogantly.

  2. Your arrogant writing affects me way less than your $40 dollar bet ever could and considering the mathematical improbability of anyone actually winning we know I am not going to get in a pissing match with you over this. However, as I am not partial to any device manufacturer or platform, it is entertaining to see your constant attempt to avert attention from anything but Android. Perhaps you could find more clever avenues to sell your opinion instead of bashing everyone else’s. Instead harnessing your amazing intellect and grasp of Android and writing in more positive manner might lure more “undecided” mobile consumers into drinking the Android Kool Aid. Just sayin.

  3. Yeah boss? While you were “just sayin'” that all I do is constantly proselytize Android, I hit publish on the exact opposite type of article (check the timestamps), one sort of like yours but better, shorter, fewer links etc.

    Fifteen times Smith.

  4. You know what I’d pay to read, you and yss debating whether or not I’ve got an amazing intellect. But I’ll settle for dichotomous feedback. Feels good, exciting weirdly, like turning on the AC full blast in the winter while using a thick-ass comforter, or rolling around in the snow and jumping into a jacuzzi. Except instead of cooling off my body temperature half the time, here it freezes my ego and dashes it across the rocks of blog flame where you occasionally come by and scoop up the pieces to thaw and sort of Scotch tape them back together into a repaired self esteem but doing it only to make your point more effectively, which is a neat trick.

  5. Are you smoking crack? There are 3 links in that article. The first is Windows Phone that is a Mobility Digest automated hyperlink that takes a reader to all our Windows Phone content. The second is in the Copy/Pasta I put in there form the Facebook page, and the third and last hyperlink is the last sentence of the article making sure people get to where they need to go to participate in a free phone. There are three images, that have no links, and the use of windows phone is used in their media as I only used it in non Italicized/Quoted content once and not even in the title.

  6. I wouldn’t hold your breath for that debate anytime soon, but I have plenty of scotch tape, don’t you worry. (the really good stuff and not the dollar store crap that has that yellowish haze to it)

  7. @Doug Simmons: You’re have knowledge in certain areas. You just constantly go beyond your limitations. A smart man would know when to shut up.

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