If you are looking to have the biggest and baddest spec’d out device then you might want to seriously consider the Samsung Galaxy S II after seeing what some XDA Guys running an overclocking app have just done. As you probably already know, Samsung has had a last minute change to the power plant that what it was originally debuted from at the Mobile World Congress in February. Instead of a 1GHz processor Sammy packed a 1.2GHz dual-core XMM6260 processor to make video as brilliant as possible through the Gorilla Glass 4.27 inch screen. 

coolbho3000 took the Korean version of the Galaxy S 2 which is the only version available everyone else gets to sit and wait until carriers around the world get their hands on it, and successfully overclocked it 1.5GHz with a Quadrant score of over 4000! He says that the overclocking has made the device “…even faster and snappier in day to day usage” and has not had any issues.

Even though other horsepower junkies have gotten more ponies out of the Galaxy S 2, coolbho3000 says:

I haven’t gone crazy on the voltages – 1.504GHz is stable at 1375mV on my device. Depending on your device, there may be even more headroom. I’ve gotten speeds of up to 2GHz to boot with instability (my unstable 1.8GHz Linpack run is currently in the Linpack top 10), but at very high voltages and temperatures. Leave it up to other developers to give you higher/more dangerous frequencies and voltages. If you stress the CPU a ton the phone will become hot to touch (though it does to a certain extent even at stock frequencies – there is not much thermal insulation between the processor and your hands in such a thin phone).

Head on over to XDA for more information, fitting instructions for the supercharger, and wheelie bar to have a bit more fun with your new Samsung Galaxy S II device.

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  1. Got my nexus s up to 1.6GHz but who’s counting.

    Friggin’ android phones and these crazy kernel hacking kids. Why do they even call it that, “kernel.”

    One thing worth noting about the overclocking scene is that between the lowered bottom-end of the throttling, in some cases undervolting and in better throttling down (and back up) of the speed based on how hard the phone has to think, unless it’s a mass placebo effect, battery life is often improved as a result of this insanity.

    Speaking of battery life, I keep hearing the Windows huggers go on about how these dual core phones are going to suck having to power extra chipness in a manner that the OS and or other software doesn’t even take advantage of it. They won’t shut up about it, trading in optimization as their new favorite word over fragmentation and on average, between the two words, they’re equally clueless as to their meanings. But regarding the dual cores, not sure they know what they’re talking about. I do know that the future of WP lies in 800MHz chips though at the minimum so watch out for phones that don’t get so damn hot when running benchmark apps.

    Citation needed, dickbags.

  2. Oh and those Jokias will be much thinner and lighter too, having only to carry 256MB ram versus at least a heavy heavy gigabyte and will help save the planet with all that optimization to make the 256MB feel like 5GB, higher bus speed or whatever, right suckers? 800mhz lol — and that’s for the future phones that haven’t even been “leaked” to engadget yet.

    Shine that turd.

    But I digress.

  3. @Doug Simmons: Do tell me about multi-threading, optimizing for multiple cores, joining threads, background processing and the likes. Maybe you can display some code from that Mobility Digest Android app you did. What? No code. Would you like me to download a book from Safari to help you? Let’s see… Nope, “Android Apps for IT Guy Who’s Mad At Microsoft Because He Can’t Pass One Fucking Certification Exam” isn’t available. “Android Apps for Absolute Beginners” is. Will that help you enlighten us WP users?

    At some point, you will realize that the reason tablets and smartphones are replacing laptops and desktops is there are task that don’t need max horsepower. Fucking idiot…

  4. Man why do you and a bunch of others always have to make me look and feel like a fucking idiot every time I flap my lip about things I don’t understand?

    Having said that, judging by the sales of this one Samsung phone alone, there’s obviously a market for said max horsepower whether people need it or not. Assuming Samsung and HTC and LG don’t abandon WP, they may get around to trying to fill that demand a bit (might even be cheaper for them just to use the faster chips they’re already making for Android to just slide into WPs rather than retrofitting the factories with 800MHz chip crucibles) and in the event of Samsung making multi-gigahertz multi-core multi-gigabyte WPs with Nokia stamping out and selling a lot of 800MHz 256 etc phones, and since Windows Phone is indeed a “consumer” phone platform with xbox and racecar games, … well rather than going on and on about fragmentation when that happens I’ll try to resist doing that and I may be able to do that successfully since I will be so dizzy from my surprise and a desire to congratulate you that WP managed to keep trucking that long to get to that point.

    Anyway, not for nothing but I think they should just rename it again but not to something with Windows in it. Something spicy. I like Mango myself, don’t you? Mango.

  5. People buy shit because they think the latest hardware will solve everything. Do a simple search on “out of memory 64-bit” and you will see. In that example, a person will buy a 64-bit system thinking that there software will automagically become 64-bit software. Same thing with cores. Code doesn’t just evolve magically to multi-threaded code. Plus, most developer code for a minimum system. I seriously doubt any developer is saying a minimum phone requirement is a dual-core. Multiple cores helps, but the bottom line is code has to be, wait for it, “optimized” to see the most potential. Oh, and if a developer does go the route that their app requires a dual-core, guess what that creates? Here’s a hint, “fra”.

  6. @Doug Simmons: “Man why do you and a bunch of others always have to make me look and feel like a fucking idiot every time I flap my lip about things I don’t understand?”

    You make it so easy.

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