For annoyed United States consumers waiting on the Samsung Galaxy S II device to strut it’s stuff over here, perhaps the wait could finally be coming to an end as the SGS2 finally hits our Continent! Available in Canada starting today from Bell or Virgin Mobile, the SGS2 can be yours for a three year contract (ouch) and $169.95. Of course frequent device changers may opt to just pay for it out right in which case it will set you back $599.95.

There is a reason many people are anxiously awaiting the SGS2. That reason being it is a beast when it comes to specs. Like Android or not, a device sporting 1.2GHz dual core processor, 4.3 inch display, 8mp camera, 1080p video recording, and DNLA media sharing would make even the biggest iPhone or Windows fan boy drool with envy. Sammy does include their own twist to the Android  2.3 Gingerbread operating system called TouchWiz, but my experience with it has not been that bad.

So rejoice O’ Canada, because your Android offering just took a major turn for the better with the Samsung Galaxy S II hitting the shelves of Bell and Virgin Mobile.


  1. Look, Surur: You are an avid fanboy who likes to iulsnt people anonymously. I get it. Ok? Again you are entitled to your opinion. But, here are the facts: Microsoft has removed consumer features such as media playlists with each succeeding version. They decided to make a custom device (the Zune) for a media player instead of using a custom version of a Windows Mobile platform. Each generation’s enhancements are mobile operator or enterprise focused. They bought Danger which produces a non-Windows Mobile based popular consumer focused phone (the Sidekick). Finally, every time I go to Redmond to visit with the Windows Mobile team, I come back with the message that the focus is the mobile operator and the enterprise. What do they tell you when you visit with the team? Something different?

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