Samsung has got a dirty little secret that we all are waiting for and that is when can we expect the Galaxy S IV. The very successful Android Battleship loaded with top end specs and user appeal follows up its first three predecessors and looks to be announced on March 14th in New York City if US Carriers have their way about it. Samsung’s head of mobile JK Shin was quoted as saying: “This time we changed the venue as we were bombarded with requests from US mobile carriers to unveil the Galaxy S IV in the Country.”

Even though this is good news for us here in the US, expect a delay in getting the SGS4 after the I titian release from the South Korean tech giant. With 210 billion dollars in sales globally, the first dollars from SGS4 sales will happen overseas first and eventually make its way over here to the US. I am not suggesting that is the reason why Apple remains no top the big dawg pile of US smartphone sales but internationally, Sammy is still winning the global smack down over Cupertino.

Rumors suggest that the SGS4 will get more horsepower under the processor hood, a HD display, and better camera hardware. I a leaked image of a cover turns out to be correct, Sammy has squared off the edges of the SGS4 from the more rounded corners on the Galaxy S 3. The wait is almost over for the truth to be revealed in NYC this March 14.



  1. I totally misjudged this article, I thought it was another bumper promotion. Wild stuff.

    What Samsung and Apple are doing is making it harder and harder for Windows Phone and now Firefox OS to break their way into the ring. I think Samsung could do a better job naming their phones and think they both could try harder in the writing and production of their commercials but they appear to be getting the job done. And Microsoft of course is making bank thanks to their Android shakedown department, everybody’s happy (except perhaps Mozilla with their Firefox OS, kind of an uphill paddle for them).

    So what kind of screen res are we talking here, 1080p at least I hope? Octocore? Gotta give me something more than rounded corners due to leaked bumper images. C’mon, make something up if you have to, for example: It will feature an unusual amount of ram for any device or machine, 5.3GB, deviating from the usual multiples. A Korea Daily reporter claimed (from Google Translate) that his inside source at Samsung said it helped battery and optimization. You see? That’s how it’s done.

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