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Under the Hood

I’m not sure if everyone is holding to the schedule, but August 3rd is my day to post my list of actively used apps (based on Doug Simmons’ clever idea for Mobility Digest’s writers to reveal what they’re running). I’ve got the AT&T version of the Nexus One, running Android 2.2, otherwise known as Froyo. I’ve installed and then uninstalled a fair amount of apps, but the ones listed below have made the cut. For now. Everything I’ve listed is free. I have yet to pay for an app because I haven’t needed to. Most of the links are Android Market links but a few I had to wing. I have to mention that this phone is hands-down the sleekest, most powerful, and easiest-to-use phone I’ve ever owned. Acquiring these apps was no more difficult than browsing around the Anrdoid Market, reading reviews, and taking a few chances.
Adobe Flash 10.1, link, Full flash web, Froyo-only.
Advanced Task Killer, link, Not as useful as everyone claims because some services can’t be killed but not bad.
Blink, link, Makes my trackball flicker like a pack of Skittles.
CardioTrainer, link, Keeps track of how slow I run.
Congress, link, Keeps up with the motherfuckers who fuck everything up.
Directv, link, Elegantly programs my DVR.
Doubletwist, link, Auto-mounts my phone to USB storage. also, great music player.
Dropbox, link, Sync files with my desktop on the fly.
E!, link, To keep up with the Kardashians, of course.
Earth, link, Trancated version of one of Google’s claims to fame. Impressive.
Ebay, link, For sniping auctions on the go.
ES File Explorer, link, Decent file explorer app. Honestly, I don’t path out to files very often in Android like I did on my Fuze.
eWallet, link, Holdover from my Symbian days. Still not sure how wise it is to keep this info on my phone. Even with a “password.”
Fandango, link, For buying tickets to Twilight.
Gesture Search, link, Draw on your Android handset like it’s 1999 and a Handspring Visor.
Gmail Notifier, link, I used this for color track-ball alert notifications for Gmail. Requires Froyo.
Goggles, link, Snap photos of landmarks, artwork, places, logos, to Google search them.
Google Buzz, link, Google’s half-assed attempt to make like Twitter.
Google Sky Map, link, Must admit I don’t use this one. Maps the sky. Word?
Google Translate, link, It translates well enough for my use.
Google Voice, link, The best reason to own an android phone.
Google Voice Locations, link, Tracks my location via GPS so that Google Voice knows which phone to ring based on where I am.
Gstrings, link, Great guitar tuner.
IMDB, link, For looking up Kristen Stewart. #kstew4ever
Last.Fm, link, Scrobbles music you listen to and has a great internet radio station selection.
MicDroid, link, Auto-tune your shitty singing. Updates frequently. Just keeps getting better.
Mint, link, Where my money’s at.
NYTimes, link, To stay literate.
Open Spot, link, Crowdsource to find open parking spaces. Only works in big cities.
Qik, link, Stream live video. Sleek interface.
Redskins News, link, Up to the minute news on how bad the Skins will suck this year.
ESPN Score Center, link, I won’t patronize you with an explanation for this.
Shazam, link, Ever wonder who sings that song playing at the bar? Me neither.
Shopper, link, Take photos of products to Google shop them. Works with Barcodes too.
Sirius, link, Dumbed down version of Sirius XM for Android. No Stern! #fail
Skyfire, link, Offered flash pre-Froyo. Still, a slick and fast browser.
Soccer Scores, link, Will not use again for 4 years.
Speedview, link, Heads-up display app. Bare bones but fully functional.
StopWatch, link, No explanation necessary other than to say this works flawlessly.
Trapster, link, Crowdsourced speed trap detector. Again, works better in bigger cities.
Tripit, link, Android interface for the desktop app. Offers very little functionality.
Twitter, link, Best Twitter app hands down.
Voice Recorder, link, Very useful if you play in a band and want quick mp3’s of songs.
WordPress, link, For pretending that you will actually blog from your phone.
XDA, link, Geek out in the forums from your phone!
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