It’s history repeating itself all over again. Back in London almost a year ago the Samsung Galaxy S 3 was announced and it was met with great excitement. The excitement was well placed as the SGS3 has been a huge success for South Korean based Samsung. Here in the United Sates it was no different. The SGS3 sold incredibly well even though it was not quite the same device that launched first in Europe. Because of the LTE markets here in the US, Sammy choose to use the Snapdragon S4 processor instead of the Quad Core Exynos used overseas. Now it appears that it will once again be launched over here with a Snapdragon 600 Quad Core processor instead of the Exynos 5 Octa that will be launched in Europe.

Stay tuned and we will know for sure on March 14th in New York when Sammy will announce the Galaxy S IV. We are trying to get Ramon snuck in the back door, so hopefully we will be live there. Anyone know someone who might know someone friendly with the front door guy?



    • Cool story bro.

      Well youngblood, according to your jive-ass stock market widget (which I’m sure you never thought of manipulating…), Google’s up 12 bucks on all this Samsung talk. Makes me think Google might not have too big a beef with Samsung’s methods.

      On the other hand, I’m sure Andy Rubin and your hero Eric Schmuck will read your little blog article and drive away all their OEM partners because that hadn’t yet, until reading your rant, occurred to them as being good for business. Yeah, good work there, Simmons, keep it up. Lols.

  1. Hot damn, slap touchwiz on an octa-core chip and I’m selling my iphone!

    Wish they’d just finally license it to Apple. Also that HTC Sense weather thing, you know, the thing with the cool windshield wiper flapping around when it’s raining, it makes me think the clouds and raindrops would look just like that if I were driving! C’mon someone port Sense and Touchwiz to iOS, I’ll jailbrake if I have to. It’s like it’s a webcam facing the windshield of a Street View car in my neighborhood, you feel me? Right Simmons? OEM UIS FTW! Heh, punk ass.

  2. Hi Doug. I really hope you meant to say the galaxy S3 shipped with the Exynos quad core, not the tegra…

    • Yeah I think I messed that up. Of course I had limited attention span in protest of not getting the Quad Core. I actually remember writing about how the dual core actually was still quite impressive compared to the quad core. I searched but could not locate that article for reference. Simmons probably deleted it. Bastard JK. I will correct the article. Just read through the SGS3 Wiki and it said that the South Korean and Euro versions had the Exynos.

      • I think the reason for it is battery life. I do not feel limited with the snapdragon processor and welcome power savings whenever possible. A friend of mine had the GS2 skyrocket which has a separate LTE radio, that phone would be dead by lunch time. I just wish more manufacturers would offer a thicker phone with a bigger battery, who cares if its thinner than the previous generation. I feel like they are already too thin as it is.

      • Android success is always been advertising the latest and greatest hardware. We all know about fragmentation and getting the OS optimized. But I have had an opportunity to use the Motorola Razr HD and I think the OS is pretty seamless. I think Motorola nailed it when they did the max version of the razor and added a larger battery for the very same reason you are talking about. I think also because Samsung has such a large screen and the amount of real estate it takes up they have to be overly sensitive to any type of thickness increased because of extended battery.

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