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Bloomberg Releases an Android Application

imagePeople in finance love and need Bloomberg on their mobile devices. You’d swear that it was tech news or something important. Anyway, for those of you in finance, Bloomberg has now expanded to Android (so that makes iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia and Android as available mobile platforms). On Android you can have news and stocks on the home screen widget. “Business and financial executives can now access Bloomberg news and market data, and track stock portfolios through this customizable app…It is the first business and finance app for Android that allows users to read stories while off-line.” Here’s a bit more about it, including fantasy football:

The app provides news related to particular stocks, and users can create personalized views of the news by industry, region, exclusivity or popularity. Bloomberg also has an app for subscribers to the Bloomberg Anywhere service that enables them to tap into the tens of thousands of functions on the Bloomberg Professional(R) Service. Plus, the company’s sports apps for fantasy baseball and football help enthusiasts make better decisions about the players on their teams.

The app is available now. To read more, here’s the press release.